UNISEX宀 t-shirt

HK$ 360.00 HKD
黑色全棉,尺寸偏大,粉紫宀刺繡圖案。 靈感嚟自嗰個叫你唔好曳曳推開道防火門因為個火警鐘會響嘅宀工友。
維港出品 無分性別 工友制服
100% cotton in black, with logo in purple-pink embroidery, as worn by the bartender while telling you not to go to the fire stairs because it will trigger the alarm. Oversized for pleasure and you might want to size down. A pocket.
Inspired by hard working staff of 宀, made to wear and tear by Victoria Hong Kong.
Universal, unisex UNIFORM宀
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