MIX058 - Jeffrey Sfire (底特律) [Live At Host]

Recorded live at Host (宀) on 25th of November 2023

Jeffrey Sfire’s introduction to the underground dance scene and illegal warehouse parties of Detroit occurred at the tender age of 15. This escape from suburba led him to some of the city’s most talented DJs and musicians, who soon exposed him to a new culture of creative riches.

Learning by example, Sfire’s taste and skills as a DJ developed naturally and he soon began playing out at parties, clubs and sleazy gay afterhours, usually entering covertly through back doors or with a fake ID. A move to Chicago exposed Sfire to a whole other side of dance music history, including "Italo Disco" and genre jumping dj styles of the Hotmix 5 radio djs.

He spent afternoons digging through record store crates, meeting retired DJs and developing his musical palette. Having held numerous club residencies, he regularly plays at Panorama Bar and Cocktail D’amore in Berlin, The Carry Nation and Wrecked in New York, Hard French in San Francisco, and his own party Loosen Up! In Detroit, consistently offering a finely-tuned selection of Acid House, Italo Disco, Latin Freestyle, & 90’s NYC House.

In 2013 Jeffrey and SOPHIE released the first untitled “Sfire” record on Cocktail d'Amore Music out of Berlin which has become a cult classic. Since then the duo has released 3 more untitled “Sfire” records. He is currently living in Detroit and is one half of the Italo/Electro duo Looky Looky with Ian Clark released on Dark Entries records of San Francisco.