MIX051 - Charlieowo (香港)

Charlieowo's DJ journey originated from a love in psychedelic music, but she has since broadened her collection to encompass a wide variety of genres. Her song selection knows no bounds when it comes to BPM or musical style - trippy, bass, deep and hypnotic elements from different genres are seamlessly weaved into her soundscapes, bending listeners’ minds and drawing them into a captivating spiral. Whether you want to be floating in trance or stomp your feet heavily, Charlie has got you covered.

Beyond her appearances at various parties in Hong Kong, Charlie also launched her own YouTube channel in early 2023. Armed with her camping chair and DJ controller, she ventures into various natural landscapes to share non-dancefloor music, creating a space for everyone to pause, breathe, and escape from the usual hustle and bustle. Charlie is also the co-founder of Shimai Tribe, a party collective that specialises in organising themed parties with unique set designs to provide attendees with an immersive music experience.