MIX049 - Mayudepth (東京)

MAYUDEPTH is a DJ and producer based in Tokyo. In 2018, she released the EP 'Sneakpeek' on the 'Shiki-Kyokai' label, which is led by Japanese techno sound innovator DJ SHUFFLEMASTER. She has also released tracks on the German label 'Ohrfeigen'. In 2022, she released her second EP titled 'Angels from Hell', featuring film director Umi Ishihara.

In terms of DJing, MAYUDEPTH's style is rooted in techno, incorporating various genres such as industrial, electro, breakbeats, and house music. This fusion expresses a powerful and profound worldview through infectious grooves. Her DJ activities span from the alternative underground scene to major Japanese festivals like Rainbow Disco Club. Her energetic and seamless mixing style has garnered a global following, with appearances on radio shows and platforms worldwide, including BOILER ROOM.

In 2022, she released an official mix on Apple Music. MAYUDEPTH is a resident DJ and curator of "MOTORPOOL," a significant presence in the Japanese queer party scene with DJ DSKE. She consistently explores electronic dance music with a daring and open-minded approach.