MIX036 - Tiago Oudman (里斯本)

Tiago was born and bred in Lisbon Portugal before his love of music landed him in Berlin in 2008. Here he played regularly in some of the cities most revered spots and started his collaboration with the Baschtelzen collective, building /designing & running stages at Fusion & Garbicz Festival.

He then made the big leap to Bali where he co-founded The magical Air Festival. He is also the founder & booker of the Basement Love parties where every month he hosts people like Gerd Janson, Octo Octa, Eris Drew, Denis Sulta, Cormac, ND_Baumecker and many more. But Tiago is above all a DJ’s DJ, covering anything from Detroit house & techno, to rare old school garage, to 70’s African disco.