MIX034 - Grammar Of Movement(哥本哈根)

Puyain Sanati, also known as Grammar Of Movement a DJ and musician based in Copenhagen via Aarhus. Spending the past few years honing his sound and technique, the Danish-Iranian producer has been on a musical journey with a willigness to experiment.

His Azadi EP, released in 2016 and Plastic Games EP, released in 2020, has shown his ability to produce and incorporate eclectic styles and influences to his sound and movement. In parallel, Sanati has been active as a part of the contemporary music scene. With his release last year on the influential Copenhagen label Escho, we get to experience a different side to his sound where he works into peoples minds conjuring hypnotic rhtyhms and soundscapes that really take you on a trip.

Being back as a DJ, GOM takes us on a proper clubmix with some stripped-back techno and electro. Adding in some personal favorites and forthcoming releases.