Sunsiaré, birthed Jean-François Amadei, is no new face to the East-Asia scene. A figure who’s tastes have manifested themselves by way of the Hanoi based Savage Club - who’s early days saw a slew of talent pass through the Vietnamese capital and prompted a resurgence of local electronic artists. JF is a natural born record digger, who’s knowledge of what makes a dance floor move goes beyond the last decade and who’s diverse collection begs for sonic exploration. Playing along side such artists as Berghain’s Roi Perez, Boris & Barker, as well as DJ heavyweights like Gonno (JP) and Cormac, Amadei is not unfamiliar to the art of the mix. JF, who’s hands are also behind the Homesick and FGHB labels, gave way to creative minds like Powder, Mr. Ho, Marquis Hawkes, General Ludd and LPZ. Both labels, who’s outlets were dedicated to timeless reworks, can be seen riddled with Jf’s own influences.New pastures have led Jean-Francois to the recently minted Hong Kong-based 宀 club in 2018, in which he holds the utmost weight of talent buying for the clubs weekly programming of European imports, as well as local Hong Kongese as well as regional artists and DJs alike. A pillar for Hong Kong underground nightlife and a staple for any debaucherous dancer seeking audial refuge while in the city, 宀 has quickly become a backbone to an ever-blossoming dance floor community flourishing out of Asia and away from the Euro-centric grip of Dance Music’s recent past.