Pete Sabine, aka DJ Fabsabs, is a writer, producer, performer, record label founder and radio broadcaster based out of Hong Kong. Known for his energy and wide-ranging sets, Fabsabs has now branched into various fields. As founder of Holunjeng Records, he is dedicated to promoAng new Hong Kong and Asian music, while as a writer for various publicaAons and as a radio host, he has championed underground arAsts globally. In 2022, he is releasing a series of Eps showcasing his producAon skills, starAng with “Endless Hong Kong Nights”, out on Holunjeng records in November. Fabsabs launched his career hosAng indie radioshows on Fresh Air FM (Edinburgh), Subcity (Glasgow) and KSDT (San Diego). This led to a guest spot at Resonance FM in London. Returning to his homein Hong Kong, he played Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop atlocal hangout Chapter 3 before becoming a regularand being known for eclecAc and energeAc sets. Hong Kong appearances: Quality Goods Club, ⼧ Club, Salon Number 10, Franks, Terrible Baby, The AYermath, Happy Paradise, Dr Fern’s, Secret Walls HK, Maverick’s, Cobra Beach Club, Bing Bing, FLM, Baby Buddha, XXX, Backstage Live, The South Bay Beach Club and The New Derby Interna9onal Shows: Backyard (Dubai), Fresh Air FM (Edinburgh), Subcity Radio (Glasgow), KSDT Radio (San Diego), Resonance FM (London), BB Club (China DG), House Club (China DG), Velvet (China GZ), MINI Showroom Opening (China SZ), Langham Hotel (SZ), Oil Club (SZ), Changsha City Countdown 2018.