Originally from Seoul where she lived until she was 13, Soyoon then followed her parents to France, where she now resides. DJ artist with references as numerous as varied, she draws herinspiration in a panel of genres that she mixes with finesse and audacity. Her sets arecharacterized by a luminous Trance, mixed with dark EBM, lancinating New Wave or sultry Disco. Influenced at a very young age by her grandfather, a fervent music collector, she forged herelectronic culture by listening to his cassette collection and discovering other musical styles andartists such as Prince, Depeche Mode and David Bowie through the different radio frequencies.From then on she started to make her own compilations that she listened to in a loop on her firstAiwa blue dolphin walkman. From her love for electronic music, Soyoon will develop a real passion for djing, passion that shetransmits today through electrifying, federative and uncompromising sets. She made her debut onthe Boiler Room's From the Counter shows, alongside Ron Morelli, and then went on to share thestage with Vladimir Ivkovic, Helena Hauff, David Vunk, Dr. Rubinstein, Roi Perez, AnastasiaKristensen, Eliott Litrowski, Oliver Hafenbauer and S.O.N.S., to name just a few. Present on the international scene, her talents as a DJ and her vision of the party have taken herbehind the decks of clubs in Berlin, Helsinki, Hanoi, Bristol, Belgrade or Hong Kong. Resident atthe Nantes-based club Macadam (famous in particular for its "Gloria" long format and costumeday parties), also at Berlin's Cocktail d'Amore parties, Rinse France radio and the 宀 (Mihn) Clubin Hong Kong, Soyoon embodies a strong idea of the party, burning and dancing. Her style,imbued with the Rave energy of the 90s and her foolproof technique, allow her to take heraudience wherever she wants and to lead the dance on all terrains



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