Simone De Kunovich

Ultimo Tango, Mule Musiq, IT

For someone who has been digging for obscure records, books and movies since his memory can remember, Simone de Kunovich still transmit the enthusiasm of the beginner.In the past decade he managed to travel the globe far and wide, always on a hunt for blind rarities for his label and YouTube channel Ultimo Tango or playing shows in iconic clubs between London, Tokyo, Paris, New York or his home Milan.His vast multi-disciplinary knowledge made him an acclaimed tastemaker, who moves at the crossroads between cinema, music and design, always with a sharp taste for the unconventional.Glimpses of this life-long research can be heard in his studio project “Mondo Nuovo”, inspired by 70s Exploitation movies and early electronics, or in his mixes for NTS Radio, fueled by 90s house gems - but still, in a world of cultural standardization and predictability, the best way if you want to experience the wonderful tension of the unexpected is to catch him doing his thing beyond the decks.



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