Rey Colino

Working a symbiotic balance between his day job behind the steering wheel of Amsterdam-based webshop and distributor One Eye Witness and his seafood-luvin' label Kalahari Oyster Cult, when the night clocks in, Brussels native Rey Colino has long proven his dedication and dexterity when it comes to ubiquitous on and off-stage dancefloor busting operations. Thrusting his arrows smack dab the intersection of '90s grown ambient techno, sun-bleached house, further hybrid bassy riddims and acid-infused electronics, Colino casts his net far and wide to paint amply textured, straight-out groovy narratives that, in addition to syncing up the dancers together through elaborate selections and surgical DJ swaggerful, sure know how to buildup the highest levels of energy and harness the ensuing storm with ever consistent style and panache.



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