Jonathan Kusuma

Jonathan Kusuma is a musician, producer and DJ based in Singapore and Jakarta. Running his label and Parties Dekadenz in Jakarta, a resident DJ in Headquarters and Tuff Club in Singapore.His main releases have been under the influential music labels I’m a Cliché (Paris) (Automatone EP, 2016) and Cocktail d’Amore (Berlin) (Black Magic EP, 2016), Cocktail d’Amore 10 Anniversary Compilation 2019.Kusuma has also been released by various internationally respected labels, such as Correspondant (Berlin)'s compilations (2016 and 2017), Ene Records (Japan), Power Station (Melbourne). He has also done remixes for Correspondant, Roam Recording (Los Angeles), La Belle Records(Paris), Calypso (Mexico), Hard Fist (Lyon) and Tom Tom Disco (UK). In 2014 he released his debut EP "Gong 3000" on I’m a Cliché followed by the "Underpass" EP on Love on the Rocks (Berlin) in 2015. Additionally, in the same year he released various remix projects for 5alad on "Factor City" Label (Barcelona), Split Secs on "Machine Limited" (US), Cabaret Nocturne on "Rotten City"(Madrid) and Vicky Montefusco on "Clouded Vision Label" (UK). As a DJ, Kusuma continue to receive global recognition. 2019 began with Epizode Festival (Vietnam). In addition to his yearly gig at Cocktail d'Amore's parties at Griessmuehle (Berlin), Kusuma's 2017 and 2018 Europe tours include the notorious Panorama Bar, Berghain (Berlin) Renate (Berlin), Opium (Vilnius), Folklore (Swiss), Lux Fragile (Lisbon), La Dame Noir (Marseille), Razzmatazz (Barcelona),Guggenheim (Bilbao), Le Sucre (Lyon) and Moog (Barcelona). In Asia and Australia, he has played at Equation Festival (Hanoi), Oath(Tokyo), Club Zero (Tokyo), Travessia Bonobo (Tokyo), Karma Castle (Bangkok), Safe Room (Bangkok), Holy Barbarians Gypsy (Kyoto), Power Station New Guernica (Melbourne), Jiro (Kuala Lumpur), Elysium (Kuala Lumpur), MIHN Club (Hong Kong), Savage (Hanoi), Contra (Seoul), and Time (Manila). In Singapore, he is a resident DJ at Headquarters and Tuff Club, building a reputation with his monthly all-night-long 6 hour set.  Despite living in Singapore, Kusuma remains an active member of the dance music scene in his hometown of Jakarta. With two friends, he started Dekadenz, a collective label known for its Leftfield parties and a heavy local following. Dekadenz also operates as a record label that focuses on local and regional artists. Prior to Dekadenz, Kusuma was also a pivotal role on other local labels such as Space.rec (2009-2015) and Akamady Records with Gerhan Ferdinal a.k.a Komodo



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