David Fogarty

Berlin via Ireland, David has gained a cult following among well educated music fans via his label Transmigration. Following taste over hype along with careful art direction he’s been responsible for unearthing and reissuing some of the best psychedelic electronic music from years gone by. More recently he’s expanded operations to include two new labels - Sacred Stones, an outlet for his own DJ edits; hand stamped and vinyl only as well Crystal Ceremony, a label dedicated to showcasing new talents from around the world. In addition to this he co-runs Sound Migration, a collaboration with Berlin institution Sound Metaphors.
Informed by his love for digging older music as well as his position as buyer for Sound Metaphors, his DJ sets are nostalgic, transcendental and futuristic. Effortlessly combining the best in new and old electronic music. This has seen him play across Berlin’s club landscape, from the smallest basement clubs right up to the main floor of Berghain.



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